Frequently Asked Questions

When I type the domain name in address bar, I go to global dashboard rather than to the space homepage. Any ideas why?

Were you signed in to Confluence or not?

There's an option in Domain Booster Configuration where you can list forbidden paths for anonymous users. Anonymous user accessing the specified path will be redirected to default namespace of the current site. Here's the list of paths we typically use:


I messed up settings and locked myself (and my users) out of Confluence site by being redirected away. How can I fix this?

Disable Domain Booster for your session (see the next question), login as admin user and update configuration.

Can I temporary disable Domain Booster?

Yes, you can disable Domain Booster for your current session. To do this access Confluence adding the following to the end of URL:


Domain Booster will be disabled until you logout or your session expires.

After setting up the plugin it seems like we're frequently logged out of Confluence although we used "remember me" option to persist session.

All different host names you setup for your Confluence web browsers see as completely separate web sites. You'll have to login on each "virtual" Confluence host you want use.

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