Global Settings

Global Settings define common Domain Booster behavior apply to all virtual sites.

Redirect Unknown Host Requests To

Specifies where to send user if Confluence was accessed via host name not managed by Domain Booster.

  1. If the value is blank, the request will be passed to Confluence for handling.

  2. If the value specifies host name of a virtual site managed by Domain Booster (e.g., user will be sent to site's default Global Space.

  3. If value "404" is specified, Domain Booster will reject request with 404 error code.

  4. Finally, Domain Booster assumes that the value specifies URI and redirects request to the specified location.

Never Redirect Users

Domain Booster redirections will be suspended for listed users.

This is useful if a user (like "admin") is often switching the context and between Global Spaces. With redirections disabled, the user will not be forced to re-login for each virtual site.

Beside the redirects, some other Domain Booster features might be disabled for listed users as well.

Forbidden Paths for Anonymous Users

List Confluence paths you don't want Anonymous user to access. This is useful if your virtual site is used mainly by Anonymous users and you don't want them to see page change history or other unrelated Global or Personal Spaces.

Example paths list:


If Anonymous tries to access forbidden Home Page or Dashboard (as in the example above), the Domain Booster will redirect user to the site's default Global Space.

In all other cases, user is redirected to the Confluence login page.

Custom HTTP Headers

You can setup DomainBooster to add additional HTTP headers to Confluence responses. Specify header per line in format: header:value. For example:

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