Site Settings

General Settings

Host Name

Host name that your users will be using to access Global Spaces associated with this site. For example:

Default Space Key

When an Anonymous user is not allowed to access the Confluence Dashboard, the site's default Global Space is used as a home page.

Additional Spaces

List keys of other Global Spaces that belong to this site.

Host Aliases

Other host names associated with this site. Users accessing Confluence via an alias will be redirected to the main host name.


Redirect known Global Space requests to the associated web site

If linked Global Space belongs to another site defined in Domain Booster, automatically redirect users to it.

Try to handle unknown Global Space requests

If linked Global Space is not defined in any of Domain Booster sites, pass-through request to Confluence for handling.

Use global Anonymous user access rules

Select if you want to apply Anonymous user access restrictions defined in Global Settings to this site.

Allow Anonymous access to user profiles

Select if you want to allow Anonymous access to Personal Spaces.

Proxy Settings

Proxy Port

Helps redirection if your Confluence instance is running behind a proxy. The value should reflect HTTP port to whom the user directed the original request.

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