You can use any valid JIRA query with e-Reminders to setup a personal or group report.

If the query contains placeholder $USER and report is sent to a JIRA group/role, e-Reminders add-on will run query individually for each group/role member, replacing $USER with username of the member.

All Queries are run by JIRA user "e-Reminders" that is automatically created and associated with the add-on. Make sure this user has sufficient access rights to pull needed data.

For more details about the JIRA Query Language (JQL) see:


List of open issues with approaching due date

resolution = Unresolved AND due >= -3w AND due <= 20w AND assignee in ($USER) ORDER BY due ASC

Setup this one to run daily for JIRA users (or other group) using grouping by due date and recipients will get a nice email with an overview of approaching deadlines.

Find critical issues without due date set

priority >= Critical AND status = Open and duedate is NULL

Administrators or project managers could run this or similar report daily to make sure critical issues are not missed in planning.

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